Multirotor System – Short-Range Data Acquisition Platform (SDAP)

faa    FAA Approved Aircraft to fly Commercially

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The SDAP Unmanned Aerial Vehicle represents a new generation of flying platforms, supporting industrial inspection, photo journalism, aerial mapping and a variety of other applications. With its design, using the latest multi-rotor technology and electronics, it is easy to fly or you can execute a full mission autonomously. Utilizing a variety of plug and play sensors, the SDAP goes where you cannot and provides aerial data for your business needs.

The SDAP can be configured to perform structural inspections for power lines, wind turbines, solar farms and more. It can carry other sensors such as FLIR or thermal, or provide a perfect platform for photo journalists in the field. Holding up to 4 pounds of sensors, this platform will consistently perform. The SDAP also comes with an Aerial Data Acquisition Portal (ADAPT) capable of providing a live video feed to a station on the ground, or to optional video goggles. The imagery is then immediately available for processing within a secure cloud environment.

Key Features:

  • Carry a mirror-less DSLR (4 lb payload)
  • Disassembles for travel
  • Hold multiple sensors
  • 12 minutes of flight time per battery
  • Map 40 acres in a single flight

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Standard Package

  • Ready to Fly Multirotor Craft
  • Flight Controller
  • Data-Link
  • Hardcase
  • 2x Batteries and Charger
  • Mission Planner Software
  • Online Training Course: UAVs in Business Level 2
  • 1 Year Full Support

Optional Add-ons

  • First-Person View (FPV) Setup
  • Video Goggles
  • Choice of sensor: RGB, FLIR, NIR, Thermal
  • Extra Support (Pay Per Year)
  • In-Person Setup
  • Extra Batteries
  • Online Training Course: UAVs in Business Level 2

Carry a mirror-less DSLR

680mm Span

Easily foldable for travel